• Vietnam’s cashew nut: Potential investment opportunities for organic products

    Vietnam’s cashew nut: Potential investment opportunities for organic products

    Vietnam is currently referred to as the “undisputed King of Cashew nuts for exports” outdoing many Southeast Asian countries for the last 17 years. Most of the cashew nuts in Vietnam have been chosen because of the product quality and value of the products. In the future, Vietnam’s cashew nut is one of the most potential investment opportunities for organic products. 

    Vietnam’s cashew nut

    The first time the cashew was introduced in Vietnam was in the 19th century. In 1990, Vietnam started leading the charts of producing and exporting cashew nuts to the world, including Asia. 

    Vietnam’s cashew nut is divided into many types. They are based on size, color, and the rupture of the cashew nuts. Every kind of cashew nut has a specific price tag based on the size of the cashew nut (big or small), including color (light, yellow, or brown). A cracked nut also has a unique pricing, while a large nut costs more than a small nut.  

    The following are some of the types of cashew nuts available in Vietnam and their symbols:

    • W: Wholes
    • S: Splits
    • B: Butts
    • P: Pieces
    • LWP: Large White Pieces
    • SWP: Small White Pieces
    • BB: Baby Bits 

    Good news for Vietnam's cashew industry

    Vietnam’s cashew industry moves to maintain the world’s top spot

    Vietnam has many beneficial natural conditions for the development of cashew nuts. Most regions where cashew farmers produce cashews have temperatures ranging between 24 to 28 degrees Celsius. Moreover, most of the areas where cashew farmers produce this crop are known for almost 2000 hours of lighting per year, which is favorable for the growth of high-quality cashew nuts.

    About the form, Vietnamese cashew kernels are mostly dense, like thick bread. Although not as big as foreign cashew products, Vietnamese cashews are very sturdy, evenly large, with a full belly, and not flat, wings of Vietnamese cashews are also stronger to protect the seeds inside.

    According to statistics from the Import-Export Department (Ministry of Industry and Trade), Vietnam remains the world’s leading cashew nut export market, with 580 thousand tons exported in 2021, up 13% in volume and value compared to 2020. The Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas) sets a goal in 2022 to keep the quantity stable and increase the quality and price with export turnover striving to reach $3.8 billion, an increase of $200 million compared to 2021.

    Turnaround in cashew industry: No 1 position shaken to its foundation

    Nam Son CO., LTD’s organic cashew nuts 

    Nam Son CO., LTD is a producer and distributor of organic cashew nuts, cinnamon, anise, coffee, and other major agricultural products certified by the EU and USDA organic standards. With experienced personnel in the field of organic farming and several factories as member companies across the country, the project is developed with the orientation of an organic agricultural business model, treasure natural values, and towards healthy world goals. Furthermore,
    Nam Son CO., LTD’s products are produced utilizing sustainable practices from farm to production and across the supply chain, and meet EU and USDA organic certification requirements.


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