• The top 5 Vietnamese tea varieties to try at least once

    Vietnamese teas have different flavors and scents. But one thing that all Vietnamese tea varieties have in common is their delicate, mild tastes. The top five Vietnamese tea varieties suggested for visitors are listed below.

    3.1. Vietnamese green tea

    Vietnam is a country where green tea is ubiquitous. It’s most likely Vietnamese green tea if you sample some from an unidentified street vendor. The tea often has a mild flavor and is light green or yellow. The oxidation method is not used to make green tea. As a result, among all the varieties of Vietnamese tea, it has the highest antioxidant content. 

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    3.2. Vietnamese black tea

    Vietnamese black tea is an entirely oxidized tea kind. While black teas have a strong flavor, some can be very powerful. Black tea comes in a variety of colors, most commonly light brown to deep red.

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    3.3. Vietnamese oolong tea

    Also known as Tra oolong, is the most labor-intensive to make. Oolong tea is made by repeatedly rolling and oxidizing leaves, which yields a flavorful blend with a remarkable scent. Oolong tea is best suited for novices to tea culture because of its clear, buttery flavor. 

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    3.4. Vietnamese ginger tea

    Due to its therapeutic components, ginger offers many health advantages. For this reason, Vietnamese people frequently add ginger to hot tea to make a beverage that helps with nausea, the flu, colds, and stomachaches. If you frequently get motion sickness or seasickness, it would be quite beneficial for you to have a cup of ginger tea one to two hours before the trip.

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    3.5. Vietnamese flower tea

    Vietnamese tea culture is exemplified by flower tea. Different taste blends are created by carefully transferring the inherent floral fragrances into the tea.  

    • Vietnamese tea with lotuses

    Vietnamese lotus tea (Tra sen) is made by infusing premium green tea leaves inside a lotus blossom and letting them infuse with the aroma overnight. Before drinking, lotus tea should be refrigerated for at least two months. This is because the longer it is stored at a low temperature, the more aromatic and tasty it will become.

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    • Tea with artichokes from Vietnam

    Artichoke tea comes in two varieties. One prepared with artichoke flowers has a yellow color and is pleasant and nutty. The other is dark and tastes bitter since it is made from artichoke stems.

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    • Jasmine tea from Vietnam

    Vietnamese jasmine tea is prepared by continuously putting freshly picked green tea leaves amongst jasmine petals. With an intense aroma, jasmine tea offers a strong tea-tasting experience.

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