• Telling you the best ways to enjoy tea

    Tea drinking has long been an art that leads people to a gentle and delicate lifestyle. Are you a tea lover? The following article will tell you how to enjoy the most delicious tea.

    Enjoying tea is a cultural beauty in many countries, especially in Asia. Enjoying tea is not only to feel the taste of tea, but also to educate the character to live calmly and behave gently.
    Enjoy the full flavor of tea especially when your soul feels at peace and clearly feels the taste of each cup of tea.
    So what factors will affect you when enjoying tea?

    Tea is delicious, new drinkers have the mood to continue enjoying and feeling. You should choose teas that you like. When inviting guests should also pay attention to their tea taste.
    Enjoying your favorite tea not only helps you relieve all stress and pressure, but sometimes also helps you find effective ways to solve problems.
    It’s not enough just to like tea, but you also have to find quality and standard tea. Currently on the market there are many types of tea made that do not meet the quality requirements. When you buy these products, it not only affects the mood of enjoying tea, but it also causes many other unwanted side effects. Please refer here if you have not found a reputable place to buy tea.

    2. TEA WATER
    This is an inconsequential factor, but in fact it greatly affects the taste of tea. The water used to make tea must be pure water, not mixed with impurities. Because if so, it will affect the quality of tea water. And it will also bring bad experiences for you to enjoy.

    Cups and pots used to drink tea are also something that you need to pay attention to. Cups and vases not only add to the deliciousness of the tea, but also help to enhance the mood of the tea drinker. Imagine if your tea was served in pretty, delicately patterned cups, would you want to pick it up and use it right away? Surely yes, right?
    When making tea, professional tea drinkers will prioritize choosing pots or pots made from the most suitable quality. Porcelain, ceramic or glass vases will be the choices you should consider.
    The tea brewed in these pots produces a rich flavor that is extremely distinct.

    Enjoying tea in Vietnam is not as sophisticated and strict as the tea ceremony atmosphere in Japan. But to fully enjoy tea you need a quiet atmosphere, not too noisy.
    Only in a gentle atmosphere can your soul be at ease and thus you can feel the taste of each cup of tea you drink.

    The time of enjoying tea also more or less affects your taste of tea. If you drink tea at times like: when hungry, before going to bed .. will not help you fully enjoy the tea but also put your body at risk of facing another disease.
    The best time to enjoy tea is in the morning, 30-60 minutes after a meal. This is the time when your body can absorb the best amount of tea in the body. So, use tea regularly and reasonably every morning. Besides bringing the feeling of enjoying the right tea, it also helps you get energy for a tiring working day.

    Above are the tips to enjoy the right tea that Bach Tra wants to introduce to everyone. If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to contact us. We will help you understand this world of tea ceremony.

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