• Sum up to cashew nuts Vietnam

    The types of cashew nuts on the market today that are best known to consumers include two types: raw cashew nuts and salted roasted cashew nuts. However, few people know that there are many different types of cashew nuts distinguished according to specific criteria. 

    Classify of shape

    Not all cashew nuts are intact during the production process, they will have a certain degree of breakage when roasted. Therefore, the way to classify cashew nuts will be based on the shape, also known as the degree of breakage, of the cashew nuts after roasting.

    When classifying cashew nuts by shape, we will have specific symbols as follows:

    • W (Whole) – whole cashew nuts.
    • S (Splits) – cashew nuts will be split into two halves.
    • B (Butts) – cashew nuts broken in half.
    • P (Pieces) – cashew nuts broken into pieces.
    • LWP (Large White Pieces) – cashew nuts broken into relatively large pieces.
    • SWP (Small White Pieces) – cashew nuts broken into small pieces.
    • BB (Baby Bits) – extremely broken cashew nuts.
    • WS – double-shelled cashews.

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    Classify of size

    Whole cashew nuts will be classified according to size because different sizes will give different relative weights. Based on the general convention of the Cashew Association worldwide, the convention is that the number of nuts counted will be over 1 pound (454g).

    From there, classify the size of cashew nuts as follows:

    • W180 Cashews: This is the largest cashew nut – King size, also known as King of Cashew, will be from 170 – 180 nuts/pound.
    • W210 cashew nuts: A relatively large cashew nut, also known as Jumbo, with a quantity of 200 – 210 nuts/pound.
    • W240 cashews: Medium-sized cashews with an amount of 220 – 240 seeds/pound.
    • W320 Cashews: Medium-sized cashews with an average number of seeds of about 300 – 320 seeds/pound.
    • W450 cashews: This is a small-medium-sized cashew with a quantity of about 400 – 450 seeds/pound.
    • Cashew nuts W500: Small cashew nuts, about 450 – 500 nuts/pound.

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    Classify of color

    Besides based on shape and size, cashew nuts are also based on color. The main reason is that after roasting and drying, cashew nuts may remain white or turn yellow (Scorched). If cashew nuts become more yellow, this is equivalent to increased dryness and decreased moisture.

    Classify of origin

    Classifying delicious cashew nuts is also based on origin. For delicious cashew nuts in Vietnam, we will rely on the origin in the following provinces:

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    4.1 Binh Phuoc cashew nuts

    Binh Phuoc is famous for being the largest cashew-growing province in the country and this is also a place highly appreciated for its outstanding quality of cashew nuts. For a long time, Binh Phuoc has been the area that produces the best cashew nuts not only in Vietnam but also recognized around the world.

    However, cashew nut output in Binh Phuoc today has decreased due to a high rate of pests and diseases, leading to a significant impact on the quality of finished products.

    4.2 Gia Lai cashew nuts

    In recent years, Central Highlands cashews in general, and Gia Lai in particular have received a lot of attention in the market. The shape of Gia Lai cashew nuts is not too big but they are firm, plump, round, heavy, and have a sweet taste. In addition, the flavor of Gia Lai cashew nuts is highly appreciated for its richness, fat, and crunchiness.

    Many users have confirmed that the cashew nuts in Gia Lai are no worse than those in Binh Phuoc, not to mention the pest rate is lower so the quality of the finished product will be higher. However, the cashew yield when planted and harvested is lower than that in Binh Phuoc.

    4.3 Cashew nuts in the Southeast provinces

    Besides provinces and cities famous for cashew nuts, Dong Nai and Binh Duong are also places with top cashew output and quality in Vietnam. This is where many cashew processing factories with modern technology are located, so the finished products will have superior quality.

    Consumers appreciate cashews processed at factories operating in Dong Nai and Binh Duong provinces more than Binh Phuoc. Although the purchasing price in these two provinces is somewhat higher, the rate of bad and damaged seeds is lower.

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