• Popular types of coffee in Vietnam

    Popular types of coffee in Vietnam

    Vietnam has many different types of coffee, but the most popular are still the 5 types of coffee below

    Robusta Coffee

    Robusta coffee, also known as Robusta coffee, comes in the form of a tree or shrub, the height of a mature tree can be up to 10m. They often grow favorably at altitudes below 1000m above sea level. This type of coffee has a strong aroma, no sour taste, high caffeine, and tends to be bitter, suitable for Vietnamese taste. Currently, in our country, Robusta coffee accounts for more than 90% of the cultivated land area and is mainly distributed in Dak Lak, Lam Dong, Gia Lai, and Dak Nong.

    Cà phê Arabica và cà phê Robusta khác nhau như thế nào? The Green Coffee:  Máy pha cà phê chính hãng - Máy pha cafe giá tốt

    Arabica Coffee

    Arabica is one of the most highly appreciated and economically valuable types of coffee among all plants. Currently, Vietnam has only 35,000 hectares of Arabica coffee growing and the Central Highlands is where most of this crop is grown. In addition, there are some northern provinces such as Yen Bai, Son La, and Dien Bien.

    Arabica is usually grown at altitudes of 1000m – 1600m, the tree has a large dark green canopy, seeds are slightly long and large, the amount of caffeine is only equal to Robusta but has a passionate aroma, slightly sour taste, easy to drink. Therefore, this type of coffee is popular with many Westerners and the price is quite high.

    Hạt Cà Phê ARABICA - Cao nguyên Coffee

    Liberica Coffee

    Liberica coffee, also known as jackfruit coffee, sounds quite strange but this is also one of the popular types of coffee in Vietnam today. This plant can grow and develop in many types of climates and is highly resistant to pests and diseases. However, due to its high acidity, this coffee plant only accounts for 1% of the total amount of coffee consumed in the world.

    Jackfruit coffee in Vietnam has a small growing area, distributed in some Central Highlands provinces such as Dak Lak, Dak Nong, Gia Lai, and Kon Tum. This type of coffee has a flavor quite different from other coffee varieties, although it is not as rich as Robusta, and not as passionate as Arabica, but has a slightly sour, slightly astringent taste, low caffeine content, and a faint aroma.

    Liberica - Viên ngọc trân quý của vương quốc cà phê | Thời Đại Coffee| Cung  cấp Máy pha - Máy xay cà phê số 1 Việt Nam

    Moka Coffee

    To answer the question of what kind of Vietnamese coffee is, we cannot ignore Moka coffee, which is a variety of the Arabica variety. Moka coffee is a difficult plant to grow, susceptible to pests and diseases, so the yield is not high and there are quite a few on the market. The flavor of Moka coffee is slightly bitter mixed with sourness and a little greasy when drinking.

    Currently, the main Moka coffee growing area is in Da Lat because of suitable soil and climate conditions, especially abundant rainfall and water sources that help Moka trees grow well.

    Vì sao cà phê Moka được mệnh danh là “nữ hoàng” trong các loại cà phê? –  DaLaTa Coffee – Nữ hoàng cafe Moka Đà Lạt

    Culi Coffee

    Besides names like Arabica, Robusta, or Moka, Culi coffee is also one of the most popular types of Vietnamese coffee. Culi Coffee is grown a lot in the Central Highlands. Other regions such as Da Lat, Quang Tri, and Nghe An. Culi is a unique type of coffee, regular coffee beans will have 2 ovules but Culi is a collection of mutated coffee cherries with only 1 coffee bean so the flavor is somewhat delicious. and more nutritious and the caffeine content contained in each Culi bean is also higher than other coffee varieties.

    Cafe Culi - C-Coffee


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