• Nam Son Accepts OEM-ODM processing

    Nam Son Accepts OEM-ODM processing

    Nam Son Phu Tho Co., Ltd., established in 2001, is a global enterprise headquartered in Vietnam. With the most important attention to sustainability and product traceability, the company has researched and produced the highest quality agricultural products in Vietnam such as Tea, Coffee, Pepper, Cinnamon, and Anise star.. The company always “takes customer benefits as its development goal.

    The solid foundation of the business.” Nam Son always strives and makes continuous efforts to become the number one exporter of vomited products in Vietnam and a quality supplier of OEM & ODM.

    Nam Son’s OEM &ODM capacity

    “Dedicated to serving customers, giving back to society, and working together to create an impact that members of society bring”, Nam Son’s mission.

    With the working motto of always putting the interests of consumers first, Nam Son processes and produces agricultural products: tea, pepper, cashew, cinnamon, and coffee according to customer requests with advanced technology. , meeting international standards, high quality but reasonable price, environmentally friendly, and protecting users’ health.

    The technological system combined with co-recruited raw materials has been analyzed and tested. Nam Son products brought to the market always ensure quality and comply with regulations. On the other side, Nam Son has a team of skilled technical workers with high expertise, who have been thoroughly and thoroughly trained and have extensive experience for many years.

    Nam Son pays attention to every detail in every stage of production and processing. The initial steps such as technical design are meticulously carried out by experts to be able to produce beautiful finished products with unique design styles according to customers’ requirements and desires.

    The finished products must go through the final stage of testing which is strictly carried out before completing the packaging and delivering the best quality products to customers according to the ordered time.

    We deliver different packaging formats, sizes ranging from 50 kilos to 50 gram. Private labeling services to different companies and groups.

    Nam Son’s customers

    Currently, Nam Son has more than 45% of its customers from South Asia, 30% from Europe, 15% from Southeast Asia, and the remaining 10% from other regions.

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