• How to make delicious dry tea of people in the Tra Dao world.

    Tra Dao is the name given to people who have a passion for tea. They love tea, love tea and always learn about tea. What’s different and special about how to make delicious dry tea of ​​people in this world?

    In every tea party, there are two important things that are indispensable: water for making tea and utensils for making tea.
    Water is considered the first standard and requirement in the Japanese tea ceremony. Boiling water is a type of water that is not allowed to be used.

    Making tea is not simply an act but an art. To make delicious dry tea needs very meticulous requirements and processes.

    – Tea
    The tea used must be water in a glass vessel or cooked in a lidless metal kettle over a coal bath. This will keep the water at the desired temperature range. Especially do not use boiling water to make tea, so the tea is easy to lose quality.

    – Tea making equipment
    First, you need to warm the utensils used to make tea. These utensils are warmed with boiling water in a glass vessel. After warming, will be taken out to dry before use.
    The amount of tea is also carefully measured in accordance with the capacity of the teapot and the amount of other drinks.

    – Pouring tea
    The taboo is not to have a full cup of inviting guests at one time. Guest’s tea will be poured in turn in order. The first time about 30ml in the order of 1,2,3,4 respectively, then do it again with the reverse order of 4,3,2,1 with about 20ml each time.
    This will ensure that there is no difference in strength between tea cups.

    – Enjoy tea
    A special feature in the tea ceremony to increase the deliciousness of tea is to drink tea after using cakes. This way, the flavor of the tea will naturally be enhanced by a few parts. You must use all the cake in your mouth to enjoy the tea, you should not eat and drink at the same time. Just like that, the next time you drink, you will notice a clear difference in the taste of the tea.

    The above are ways to make tea brewed to bring a better taste to the drinker. Not too fussy, stylish but enhance the tea flavor in a special way. The way to make delicious dry tea of ​​people in the Tra Dao world has been revealed by Bach Tra, the rest is up to you to practice. Wish you will have delicious, round-tasting tea cups.

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