• Collection of finished cashew nuts

    Collection of finished cashew nuts

    In addition to exported cashew nuts in raw form and raw kernels, Vietnamese cashew nuts are now also processed according to separate formulas to meet the direct use needs of consumers. These include products that are extremely popular domestically and internationally such as:

    Roasted cashew nuts with salt

    This is one of the most popular products today with a special roasting formula. High-quality cashew nuts are roasted with the right ratio of pure salt to create a greasy, crunchy flavor, and moderately salty aftertaste while retaining the inherent sweetness. Salt-roasted cashews are often divided into two types: with skin and without skin.

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    Wood-roasted cashew nuts

    Unlike modern roasting methods, wood-roasted cashews use cashew tree trunks as fuel. This type of cashew nut is famous for its deliciousness thanks to the ingenious combination of machinery, meticulousness, and human patience, along with special burning ingredients. Currently, wood-roasted cashews are exported to many countries around the world thanks to their delicious and natural taste.

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    Roasted cashews with butter

    One of the equally popular types of exported cashew nuts is butter-roasted cashew nuts. This product makes a difference compared to regular salted roasting thanks to the sweet fatty taste of margarine. This is also a flavor loved by many young people, however, the disadvantage of this product is its short shelf life so it is often produced in small quantities and packaged in small quantities.

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    Spiced cashew nuts

    The types of cashew nuts exported today are extremely diverse and researched and many different processing methods to serve consumer needs. Cashew nuts can be seasoned with wasabi, honey, chocolate, chili garlic, etc.

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    Above is general information about the types of cashew nuts exported today. Among them, Nam Son is one of the units providing high-quality cashew nuts, meeting export standards for domestic and international markets. Thanks to quality raw material areas, a large-scale production factory, and experience and enthusiasm for Vietnamese agricultural products, Nam Son is committed to bringing all customers and partners perfect products at reasonable prices the best. Your satisfaction is also our pride.

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