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    According to science, cashew nuts are a great source of fiber and protein. They include a lot of monounsaturated fat, which may also assist shield the heart. Additionally, cashews are a good source of folate, potassium, and a range of B vitamins. They are a good source of copper, magnesium, phosphorus, and selenium. We are pleased to present to you the Cashew WW240 – Pure Vietnam Cashew Nuts product.

    WW240 Description of the Cashew Nut Product

    The enormous, gorgeous, white, whole-grain cashew nut ww240 grade (also known as white whole cashew 240, cashew w240, cashew nuts ww240, white whole cashew 240, cashew grade w240) is referred to as Premium enormous Nuts globally and has between 220 and 240 nuts/pound (395 – 465 beans/kg). 

    Vietnam’s cashew tree varieties only provide small to medium-sized raw cashew nuts (RCNs). For this reason, the finest cashew nut size of Vietnamese origin is the W240 cashew kernel. 

    The third standard for cashew nuts among those used to categorize cashews is W240. Due to its enormous size and high cost, ww240 white cashew nuts are frequently used to manufacture a variety of high-end goods that require premium whole cashew nuts, such as salted cashew nuts, honey cashews, whole-grain salt-roasted cashews, chile garlic cashews, and wasabi cashews. 

    According to the cashew nut classification system, the larger and more developed the nut, the more nutrients it contains, and the higher its worth. Thus, the ww240 white cashew kernel is a popular variety of cashew that is highly sought after in Vietnam and other nations.

    Thủ tục xuất khẩu hạt điều W180, W240, W320

    Process of Producing WW240 Cashew In Vietnam

    • Gathering and Sundrying: To get rid of extra moisture, the farmers give us their raw cashew nuts (RCN), which we then dry in the sun. After that, it goes through a four-step processing procedure that involves peeling, grading, steam roasting, and shell cutting before packing.
    • Steam Roasting: In order to obtain an edible cashew kernel, the raw cashew nuts’ outer shell must be removed. The cashew’s hard outer shell is filled with caustic oil that is dangerous for ingestion by humans. This hardshell can be easily removed with the help of the steam roasting technique. A small boiler is attached to a drum containing raw cashew nuts. For ten to fifteen minutes, the cashew nuts inside the drum are exposed to steam from this tiny boiler. To ensure adequate roasting, these cashew nuts are put in the drum for 20 minutes. The roasted cashew nuts are then taken out of the drum and placed in the open air for a period of around 12 hours to let them cool down and help in the removal of the cashew shells.
    • Shell Cutting: The cashew nuts are immediately peeled off to get the interior kernel from the outer shell after steam roasting is finished. It takes expert personnel to detach the shell without shattering the inner core at this extremely challenging stage. Two items will be obtained from the peeling process: raw cashew shell and cashew nut kernel with soft shell (husk testa).
    • Peeling is the process of removing the kernel’s inner shell to obtain white nuts. The goal of the peeling procedure is to remove the softshell, which the cold treatment strengthens. The white-colored cashew nuts that are sent to the grading department will be extracted during this stage of the agro-processing. In which, the Raw Cashew Kernels are passed through the classification & grading department to consider their level.
    • Grading: Cashew nut kernels are divided into various grades for export using a system of categorization. “Whole Nuts” and “Broken Nuts” are the two primary classifications for kernel nuts. Whole cashew nuts are graded into fifteen different categories for export, while broken nuts are categorized into nine levels. In terms of cashew kernel price, the 240w white cashew nut is the third advanced level out of 15 levels. 

    Giới thiệu sách “Thị trường hạt điều Bắc Âu” – Thị trường Bắc Âu

    Nutrition In Cashew WW240

    Numerous studies have demonstrated the many health advantages of eating cashew nuts on a daily basis, which ultimately improve human health in general. 

    The premium cashew nut that is best consumed raw is the ww240 grade cashew nut. Cashew nuts are beneficial in preventing heart disease, diabetes, cancer, enhancing bone and dental health, lowering the risk of anemia, preventing gallstones, boosting immunity, and promoting red blood cell development. Cashew nuts are gaining popularity due to their many health benefits.

    Vietnam Cashew Nuts WW240 Price – Get in touch with US

    Nam Son is a Vietnamese corporation that specializes in the production and export of agricultural goods. In Binh Phuoc, we have a cashew-growing area. 

    Cashew nuts, raw cashew nuts, cashew testa, cashew shell oil, and black soldier flies are the company’s principal export goods. Many clients from Spain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Switzerland, the United States, Australia, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, India, Singapore, Japan, and many other countries rely on us as their supply partner. 

    We have a group of employees that have worked in major Vietnamese processing companies for many years. If you’re looking for a high-quality cashew nut source, get in touch with us. Vietnam-based maker and exporter of WW210 cashew nuts

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