• 5 great benefits of cinnamon

    • The cinnamon is good for person that have a cold and flatulence

    Cinnamon is very good for fighting symptoms of cold season such as colds, flu. 

    Not only has the nature of fighting oxidation, Cinnamon but also is a great supply of necessary minerals such as mn, fe and ca. It helps improve the immune system and clean the breathing passage when you have a cold.    

    How to make cinnamon to cure colds and flu: 

    • Soak two bar cinnamon in boil water about 5 minutes
    • Add a teaspoon of lemon, a teaspoons of honey and ground ginger
    • Drink three a week to increase effectively cure

    Another way, you add cinnamon to the meal during the day. So, you can decrease the status of flatulence because of cinnamon’s characteristic food digestion.

    • Supporting odor removal and treatment of athlete’s foot fungus

    Foot fungus is a type of skin infection caused by mold-like germs that live in dead cells on your skin, hair or nail. Because of the clean ability of cinnamon, cinnamon oil is used to fight types of skin fungus, especially microscopic Candida fungi. Cinnamaldehyde – the main ingredient of cinnamon – is one of the positive compounds fighting this fungus. 

    Cinnamon can be used to remove stink in your house. Method is very simple: You put cinnamon in a pot then boil them. Cinnamon will give off fragrant around the house. You can use cinnamon oil to clean the floor or wall, this method helps repel viruses and fungi that are caused by humidity. 

    • Cinnamon helps lose weight

    Cinnamon helps clean the digestive system and boost the process of losing weight. It is known as a material that burns natural fats. 

    When using cinnamon, it will do speed up metabolism, burn redundant calories and reduce fat. Cinnamon helps you feel quickly full and decrease daily calories intake naturally. 


    • Boost your brain

    A research conducted at Healthspan Medical Centre showed the potential of cinnamon in preventing and treating Alzheimer’s diseases.  Cinnamon can increase the brain’s production of sodium benzoate – compounds that directly affect the hippocampus. This is a necessary area for memory and the ability of learning.

    • Cinnamon supports to control the amount of sugar in blood

    Cinnamon slows down the absorption process of glucose in the body. So, when you use cinnamon or cinnamon’s water will help reduce the amount of sugar in your blood. This plant proved in a study can control the level of sugar in the blood of people with type 2 diabetes.

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