• 3 ways to identify delicious cashews

    3 ways to identify delicious cashews

    Cashews are one of the healthiest nuts, but if you’re new to cashews, you need more experience in choosing quality nuts. Please quickly refer to 3 ways to recognize delicious cashew nuts below!

    Based on shape

    To keep the cashew nuts from breaking and retain their original shape, you should choose them based on shape right from the first step. The differentiation process will be based on the following regulations:

    • W (Whole): Whole cashews
    • S (Splits): Cashew nuts are split into 2 halves
    • B (Butts): Cashew nuts can break in half
    • P (Pieces): Cashew nuts can break into small pieces
    • LWP (Large White Pieces): Cashew nuts will be broken into relatively large pieces
    • SWP (Small White Pieces): Cashew nuts will be broken into small, crumbly pieces
    • BB (Baby Bits): Cashew nuts can break into extremely small pieces
    • WS: Cashew nuts are likely to break in half after roasting

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    Based on color

    The color of cashew nuts after roasting is also a criterion that makes it easier and more convenient for you to distinguish the nuts, including:

    • W (White)
    • S (Scorched)
    • D (Dessert)

    However, processors often only care about two main colors: white (W) and yellowish (S) to determine whether this batch of cashew nuts is delicious. If the color of the shell becomes more yellow, the dryness of the cashew increases and the moisture decreases.

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    Based on size

    In addition to shape and color, size is also an important factor that you need to pay attention to and pay special attention to in the process of distinguishing cashew nuts. To understand more about this regulation, please refer to each convention number below:

    • Cashew nuts size W180: This is the largest size cashew nut, with 170 – 180 nuts/pound.
    • Cashew nuts size W210: This is a relatively large size cashew nut, called Jumbo with a quantity of 200 to 210 nuts/pound.
    • Cashew nuts size W240: The size of cashew nuts is moderate, about 220 to 240 nuts/pound.
    • Cashew nuts size W320: This type of nut has an average size, of about 300 to 320 nuts/pound.
    • Cashew nuts size W450: The size of this nut is quite small but medium-sized, from 400 to 450 nuts/pound.
    • Cashew nuts size W500: This type of nut is small in size, from 450 to 500 nuts/pound

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    How to preserve delicious cashew nuts for a long time

    In addition to quality recipes, to keep the product always delicious, you should remember some ways to preserve cashews. If applied properly, boxes of cashew nuts will have an extremely long shelf life and retain the benefits contained in cashew nutritional ingredients.

    • Products should be stored in vacuum bags or zip bags. This will minimize the possibility of moist air penetrating inside, causing mold.
    • This is a seed line with good absorption ability, so it is easy to smell bad. Therefore, you should keep cashews away from products with flavors: Spicy, strong, pungent,…
    • Cashew nuts should be stored in cool, airy places or placed in the refrigerator.
    • Avoid keeping cashews near the cooking area because high heat will cause cashews to easily mold.
    • After processing, cashew nuts have a delicious flavor so they can attract many types of animals in the house such as mice, cockroaches, ants, etc. Therefore, a sealed box will be the perfect choice in this case.
    • After separating the seeds, you should store the unused seeds quickly and carefully so that the seeds retain their quality for the next use.


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